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“A Vocation Story” - An original short film by the Capuchin Franciscans describing the conversion and vocation of a young friar, Fr. Joseph Mary Elder, O.F.M.Cap.

Running time: 12:22

In general we are able to cover the majority of our day-to-day needs through our salaries. For this, thanks be to God! In fact, through our ordinary income and unsolicited gifts we are able to assist many projects aimed at helping the poor and marginalized of society. But there are some areas of our lives for which we need help:


Seminary Education

Most men entering our Order commit five to ten years to formation for living our life and preparing for ministry. This may include obtaining a college degree and a graduate degree in theology or in other related fields. While these men are in our formation program, they are not assigned to any ministry; so they have no ordinary income. Education costs currently amount to about $50,000 per man. We need help covering this expense.



Our men dedicate their lives to service of the Church, but historically there has been little provision for our retirement needs. In recent years, the Province established a retirement endowment fund to respond to the Province's imminent retirement concerns. However, this endowment is severely under-funded and far from adequate to meet our impending needs.


Missions Abroad

Our Capuchin brothers serving as foreign missionaries in Papua New Guinea, Puerto Rico and Mexico do not receive salaries for their evangelization efforts. Funds are needed to cover the cost of their health insurance, travel to and from the United States for home leave every three to five years, and other related expenses.


The Catholic Center at the Citadel Mall

In the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, our Capuchin Franciscan friars at the Citadel strive to provide a spiritual resource center that offers peace, reconciliation, and guidance to those who may feel a spiritual emptiness in their lives. We offer two daily Masses and are available Monday through Saturday during mall hours for confessions and other counseling and referrals to local parishes and programs of Catholic Charities. Three of the four friars are fluent in Spanish, allowing them to respond to the growing Hispanic population in Colorado Springs.

The Catholic Center at the Citadel Mall opened in November 2001, funded by a partnership between the Diocese of Colorado Springs and the Capuchin Province of Mid-America. A pledge of financial support from the Colorado Knights of Columbus will help with the first year's expenses. However, additional sources of funding will be needed to sustain the mall ministry for lease expenses, friar salaries, printed resource materials, supplies, marketing, etc.


Ministry to the Poor

Some of the friars in the U.S. are engaged in ministry to the very poor who are unable to offer salaries or stipends for the friars who help them. The Province depends upon friends and benefactors to compensate this ministry through donations.

Building Renovation Projects

We friars of Mid-America own five of the eight friaries where we live. These buildings are in a constant rotation for code updates and other physical upgrades. Capital campaigns are conducted from time to time for major projects, but annual funds are always needed for routine maintenance and repairs.