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“A Vocation Story” - An original short film by the Capuchin Franciscans describing the conversion and vocation of a young friar, Fr. Joseph Mary Elder, O.F.M.Cap.

Running time: 12:22

The Capuchin Office of Development and Missionary Activities was begun in 1984 to enable the Capuchins to seek financial support for various projects financially beyond the capabilities of their ministry income and the friars' simple lifestyle.

Hundreds of friends and benefactors across North America, assisted by the office staff, help God spread His table, thus providing the financial support for the friars’ various needs. To explore ways that you can help, read through the following pages.

Questing, a Franciscan Heritage

St. Francis of Assisi himself taught us the ministry of begging, sometimes called "questing." He is known as the Poverello-"the little poor man" - of Assisi, and he begged not only for his own needs and those of his brothers, but also for the poor.

In our Rule of Life he told us not to be afraid to beg: "As pilgrims and strangers in this world, serving the Lord in poverty and humility, let the friars go seeking alms with confidence, and they should not be ashamed to beg because, for our sakes, our Lord made Himself poor in this world."

Francis insisted that all the friars work and, so far as possible, support themselves by their own work, but should that prove inadequate they should then turn to "the table of the Lord." We Capuchins could not exist today without the help and support of many friends and benefactors, so we confidently put ourselves in their hands. At the same time, however, we are most aware of our duty in turn to give our benefactors the witness of poverty, fraternity and Franciscan joy and to pray for them constantly. Special intentions of friends and benefactors are remembered at daily Mass and prayer, not only by the Capuchin Friars, but also by our Capuchin Poor Clare Sisters.