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“A Vocation Story” - An original short film by the Capuchin Franciscans describing the conversion and vocation of a young friar, Fr. Joseph Mary Elder, O.F.M.Cap.

Running time: 12:22

The Capuchin Friars in Mid-America honor St. Conrad of Parzham as their heavenly patron. St. Conrad is just one of 59 Capuchin friars and nuns, from the 16th to the 20th century, who have been honored by the Church as Saints and Blesseds. This prompted the late Pope John Paul II to state, “They say you Capuchins are poor, but you are actually very, very rich. You have Saints.” It is no surprise that he noticed this, since he personally canonized 5 of the 15 Capuchin Saints and beatified 27 of the 44 Blesseds.

The latest saint to be canonized was St. Felix of Nicosia. He was one of the first five saints canonized by Pope Benedict XVI on 23 Oct. 2005. Benedict also beatified Blessed Jacques Haddad on 22 June 2008 and Blessed Joseph Tous y Soler on 25 April 2010. He has also authorized the beatification of Ven. Leopold of Alpandeire on September 12, 2010.

Below is an alphabetical listing of Capuchin saints and others whose cause for canonization is in progress. All links below are to external websites.